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OBJECTIVES: To assess the burn-out syndrome in the population of urologists in training.MATERIAL AND METHODS: A trans-sectional study was carried out among the French urologists in training association (AFUF) members. A questionnaire including the Maslach Burnout Inventory and questions on the age, gender, professional and familial status, working time and hobbies was emailed.RESULTS: Mont Blanc Australia Melbourne The response rate was 65.5 %. Mean burn-out, emotional exhaustion and depersonalization scores were 15.57 ± 8.55 (low burn-out), 8.56 ± 5.52 (moderate burn-out) and 37.19 ± 6.21 (moderate burn-out), respectively. Forty-five (24 %) had a severe burn-out syndrome, 11 an emotional exhaustion and 41 a Mont Blanc Fountain Pens Melbourne depersonalization. Urologists in couple had a significant lower emotional exhaustion level than single. Depersonalization and low personal accomplishment scores were related to the age and working time. Having at least one hobby prevented emotional exhaustion and improved personal accomplishment levels. Gender had no impact on burn-out syndrome.CONCLUSION: Quarter of French urologists in training had a burn-out syndrome. Factors preventing it were working time reduction, being in couple and having at least one hobby. burn-out syndrome severity decreased with age and senior status.Copyright © 2011 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved.  


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