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´╗┐Interethnic difference in drug disposition is an important contributing factor to interindividual variation in drug response. Since interethnic differences in the protein binding of drugs may contribute to variation in drug disposition between ethnic groups, we conducted a study in 10 black Americans (A) and mean (plus minusSE) age 26 plus minus 6 years and weight 80 plus minus 9 kg matched against 10 white Americans (C) with a mean age of 28 plus minus 6 years and weight 81 plus minus 9 kg, all within 10% of ideal body weight. Serum alpha-1-acid glycoprotein (AGP) and albumin concentrations were measured using the auramine-O and bromcresol green methods, respectively. Verapamil, propranolol, lidocaine, disopyramide and diazepam binding in plasma were measured with the equilibrium-dialysis method, involving the determination of free and unbound drug concentrations. The unbound fraction of diazepam (A = 1.1 plus minus 0.1%; C = 1.1 plus minus 0.1%), verapamil (A = 9.5 plus minus 0.8%; C = 9.8 plus minus 0.4%), propranolol (A = 14.2 plus minus 1.0%; C = 12.6 plus minus 0.7%), lidocaine (A = 28.5 plus minus 2.1%; C = 25.7 plus minus 1.1%) and diphenhydramine (A = 42.9 plus minus 10.2; C = 30.4 plus minus 7.01%) showed no significant ethnic differences (unpaired t-test). Disopyramide measured at 7 different concentrations Mont Blanc Pens Australia Online (1.0--20.0 &mgr;g/ml) was similar in both groups, as were the plasma concentrations of AGP (A = 100 plus minus 20 mg 100 Mont Blanc Australia Pens ml; C = 120 plus minus 20 mg 100 ml) and albumin (A = 4.3 plus minus 0.1 g 100 ml; C = 4.5 plus minus 0.1 g 100 ml). It is therefore concluded that there are no interethnic differences in the protein binding of basic drugs between black Americans and white Americans and that it is not a major contributing factor to any possible interethnic variation in the disposition of responsiveness of these drugs.  


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